Top 5 Desert Island Films

The conceit of this list is that you are trapped on a desert island and, somehow, have a tv, dvd player and these 5 movies for the rest of your life.  Jonathan and myself picked our 5 films, and would love to here yours.  Leave your comments below.

With no further ado, here are our lists(in no particular order):

Number 5-

Jonathan-The Thin Man (1934)-the prodigious drinking and repartee between Nick and Nora alone make the movie fun to watch over and over again, let alone the pacing and plot-line hasn’t seemed to age as much as many of its contemporary films.

Josh-Casablanca (1942)-Humphrey Bogart as Rick is the ultimate in cool, Ingrid Bergman as the beautiful Ilsa, together create some of the greatest chemistry on film.  The supporting cast of Peter Lorre, Claude Rains, Sydney Greenstreet and Paul Henreid are all riveting.  Plus it is endlessly quotable!

Number 4-

Jonathan-Whatever Happened to Baby Jane(1962)/Hush….Hush, Sweet Charlotte(1964)– The recent FX biopic only returned interest to these films that are almost perfectly paired.  The plots stand the test of time and have garnered each a cult following.  The fact that two aging Hollywood stars were given  a second chance and all the catty backstory makes these irresistible.

Josh-Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)– For me, the dark center of the original trilogy is the best part.  You get the most growth of Luke Skywalker, and deeper into the mind of Darth Vader.  Endlessly re-watchable, not to mention the greatest reveal in movies.

Number 3-

Jonathan-The Women(1939)/All About Eve(1950)– True, these weren’t technically made to be viewed together but being “Women’s Pictures” they really line up nest to each other well.  “The Women” has more punch, cattiness and fast talking than typical pre-war films, but is so much fun to watch over and over again.  All About Eve is such a wonderful glimpse into the psyche of stage and film actors, not just from the perspective of 1950 when it was completed, but even today.  And who can escape “Fasten your seat belts it’s going to be a bumpy night.”

Josh-Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn(1987)– This is not the “best” horror film ever, but it is the perfect combination of comedy and horror.  Bruce Campbell is at his campy best, Sam Raimi keeps the scares coming while tempering it with some great slapstick humor. It doesn’t get much better than that when you just want to watch a movie.

Number 2-

Jonathan-Gosford Park(2001)– Before Downton Abbey and the remake of Upstairs Downstairs there was Gosford.  A brilliantly directed movie that got very little attention but contains an all-star cast, sumptuous costumes and settings, and a great “who-done-it” plot.

Josh-Wizard of Oz(1939)– Great songs, superior visuals, the ultimate bad guy, and a group of endlessly relatable characters make this film not just an all-time great, but an easy, fun, and entertaining watch every single time.

Number 1-

Jonathan-To Kill A Mockingbird(1962)– Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch…THE END

Josh-The Goonies(1985)– All I can say is that any movie that can take me out of my day to day life and drop me right back into the mindset of a carefree pre-teen is always welcome. Everything about The Goonies works for me, since it was a movie about me.  No, my home wasn’t threatened and I never found pirates treasure, but I always dreamed of an amazing adventure like this.  Also, these kids talked just like me, and I could see myself, at least to a small degree, in each of the 5 main characters.

Honorable Mentions-

Unfortunately, I was unable to get any honorable mentions from Jonathan in time to post, but here are mine:

Pulp Fiction(1994), Raiders of the Lost Ark(1981), Predator(1987), Shawshank Redemption(1994), and Sunset Blvd.(1950).

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